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Women have used VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Film millions of times to prevent pregnancy.

VCF has been Extensively Tested and is considered a safe and effective method of birth control. Its film formulation has been the subject of numerous studies conducted worldwide, and has been subject to several government sponsored studies.

The video below will also help you whether you are considering using VCF for the first time or would like to switch from another birth control product.

VCF is discreet and each film is individually sealed in small packets.

Once dissolved it creates a gel coating which contains a highly efficient spermicide that kills sperm on contact for 3 hours. VCF reaches it’s maximum protection after 15 minutes and stays active for 3 hours after insertion.

The Contraceptive Film is manually inserted high into the vagina by either partner.
First you fold the film in half (as shown in Figure 1).
___Fig. 1
Then you place the film over your fingertip (as shown in Figure 2).
___Fig. 2
The correct place for VCF is deep in the vagina on the cervix. Make sure you can locate the cervix. (See Fig. 3) Several VCFs may be used in a day.
___Fig. 3


Because VCF becomes a gel it doesn’t become runny or messy and won’t stain. VCF is so natural it washes away with the natural body fluids. For more detailed instructions view our Birth Control utilization chart.

Find out what other users have to say about VCF - Contraceptive Film, read their testimonials.

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