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These are some of the comments users of VCF - Contraceptive Film send us. We are happy they love VCF and hope to continue to offer more of the same quality products. Thank you.

“Love the VCF product”
- Glenda E. (Nutritionist), WA

“Love the convenience and effectiveness of VCF, I recommend it to all my friends.”
- Nicole T. (EMT), OH

“We like your product. It allows us to be spontaneous without worry.
- Mary D. (floral clerck), OH

“Excellent Product”
- Anna J. (Business Owner), ID

“VCF is our favorite form of birth control. It has never failed us.”
- Mary H. (Student), GA

“Very easy, Not messy.”
- D.S. (Housewife), MN

“I use the film daily & Love It. Condoms + Film, Thank you.”
- Anjali B. (Massage therapist), OK

“Thanks for making a great Non-Hormonal birth control. I love it and recommend it to everyone I know.”
- Lacey S. (Stay at home Mom), OK

“I’ve been using VCF for 5 years. No unwanted pregnancy’s.”
- Ernesha W. (Customer Service Agent), MI

“I enjoy not having to use a condom.”
-Lisa G. (Architect), FL

“It’s AMAZING !!!!!! I wish I knew about it sooner.”
- Danielle L. (Homemaker), FL

“I Love the film, No One has to know.”
- Cherill M. (Medical Biller), TX

“I’m glad you made VCF with almost no side effects. Safe for me and him."
- Donnetta T. (Bus Driver), OH

“Safe and Easy! I get protection when I need it and without taking a Pill everyday! Great product, Thanks."
- June P. (Case Worker), OH

“They’re nicer to use than condoms.”
- C .P. (Computer Scientist), CA

“Get more stores to carry VCF !”
- S. R. (Bartender), OR

“I love that I found this product because of the Effectiveness of birth control with no hormonal side effects!”
- Jackalynn R. (Business Owner), OK

“I Love the film because there are No Hormones or messy liquid! It’s very convenient!"
- Charlas A. (Student), FL

“Thanks for a great product I can Trust.”
- Maureen B. (Firefighter), CA

“I love your product. It’s mess free and we can’t even feel it! Thanks.”
- Cristina R. (Stay at Home Mom), NE

“I like your product best because it’s easier to use and lasts longer. Thank you.”
- Beth R. (Cook), PA

“I tell my patients all the time. Most want a contraceptive Without Hormones. I love this stuff!”
- James J. (Chiropractor), CA

“Wife + I like your product!”
- Ronald P. (Sales), KS

“Affordable Priced. The best product of its kind.”
- Melissa D. (Property Management), MN

“Good Alternative to oral birth control. Not costly. We Love it, We tell everyone about it!”
- Brooke C. (Make up Artist), OK

“Love VCF compared to other options. Very glad you make this product.”
- Ginger P. (Homemaker), FL

“I wish I knew about this sooner. You should advertise more. I Love VCF.”
-Paulette W. (Medical Field), TX

“Can I be your Spokes Person, I Love VCF, a true innovation in contraception. Portable, Economical, No Hormones ……. It’s Genius!”
- M. M. (Parent, Student), NY

“Great Alternative birth control for all the obvious medical & health reasons.”
- Maria Q. (Postal Worker), NJ

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